Get on Track and Enjoy Betting on Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is a popular night out for many people. There’s the opportunity to have a drink, something to eat and see some sporting action. That may be your idea of enjoying the sport but it’s also one that can give you a great deal of excitement and enjoyment when placing bets. 

If betting on greyhound racing is something that you don’t know a great deal about, this article will give you information about the events you can bet on, the types of bets that can be made and what you need to do before placing your bet.

Events to Bet on

Every week of the year there are greyhound race meetings held. They take place throughout the day giving people ample opportunity to be placing bets on the sport. There’s even computerised virtual greyhound racing to enjoy.

A lot of the races don’t have a great deal of prize money. Others do though and the top events to place bets on include the English Greyhound Derby (over £170,000 in prize money), the Grand National, St Leger, Select Stakes and Regency.

Events such as the English Greyhound Derby are run over several weeks leading to the grand final now held in Towcester. You can be placing bets throughout and follow your selection to see if they can make it all the way through to winning the final.

Plenty of Different Bets to Make

There are many bets that you can place on greyhound racing.  The simplest one is a win single on a greyhound to win its race. There will be odds given for each of the greyhounds taking part.

A win double would see you placing bets on two greyhounds in different races. They both need to win for you to get a return. It’s possible to back a greyhound each way, this means you have a bet on it winning and another on it being placed. With six dog races, you will need your selection to finish in the top two to be placed. This bet will cost double that of a win bet as it is essentially two bets. It’s a good bet to make if your selection has high odds, just being placed can produce a profit.

With most races only having six competitors, the straight forecast, reverse forecast and Tricast bets are very popular. A straight forecast requires you to name the first two finishers in the correct order. With a reverse forecast, you need the first two home but in any order (i.e. Trap 2 to beat Trap 3 or Trap 3 to beat Trap 2), just like an each way bet, this costs double that of a straight forecast. 

With the Tricast bet, your aim is to correctly name the first three home in the right order. Permutations can be made using different possible results to give you more chance of a correct selection.

Other popular bet that is unique to greyhound racing is one where you must name the trap that will get the most winners in a race meeting. A bit of research is required here as some traps produce more winners than others.

Betting on greyhound racing isn’t always that easy though. You can place a bet on the best greyhound, but it may encounter problems in running. This could be another greyhound barging into it or being impeded at a corner. Such problems can lead to it being beaten through no fault of its own. There will be surprise winners though as in any sport, you wouldn’t want it to be totally predictable anyway.

Form is so Important

Make sure you do some research before placing a bet. Choosing a greyhound because of its name is fun but has nothing to do with who might actually win the race. The form of a greyhound is important when trying to work out who the winner will be.

Reading the form guide will supply you with a great deal of information that will assist you in your decision. Looking at the finishing positions and times that the greyhound has been recording is important as well as the grade it has been running in.

The All-Important Grader

There are several different grades that greyhounds race in. Which grade a greyhound runs in depends on their form and ability. It wouldn’t be entertaining seeing a top-class greyhound race against an average one unless it’s a handicap race (more of which later). A grader will determine which level each greyhound races and this helps ensure the race is a competitive one.

Looking at how a greyhound has performed on a certain track is important. Also, look at the draw because some greyhounds prefer to be in a certain track and show their best form there. Another important aspect is looking at who the trainer is of the greyhound, is it one of the best at the track?

Handicap Racing

This is a way in which greyhounds of varying ability can race each other. It’s a practice carried out in horse racing but in greyhound racing it’s carried out in a very different way. With horse racing, there is a level start and the handicapping is achieved by giving horses different weights. The better the horse, the higher the weight it must carry.

You can’t do that in greyhound racing, so instead of the usual level row of traps, they are staggered. The best greyhound starts at the back with its competitors in traps placed at varying distances in front of it.

This means the top greyhound will have to pass all the others to win the race. It’s not easy to work out who will win but if the grader has worked it out well, there will be a close and exciting finish. It certainly adds a bit of variety to a greyhound race meeting.

Greyhound racing is a great sport to watch and fun to bet on as well. Hopefully this guide will have given you plenty of help on what is available betting wise.

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