Beginner's Guide To Football Transfer Betting

The advantage of football betting is the wide range of betting options. Bettors can choose to wager on the different outcomes, including, which team will win, the number of goals, cards, corners, and so much more. In addition to the popular soccer betting options, players can also bet on football transfers, a trend that is increasingly becoming popular.

How Football Transfers Work

Every season, two windows allow clubs to sign new players and also release others. One comes before the start of the season and ends just a few weeks into the season. There's also a mid-season window, mostly from January. The dates vary from one league/country to another.

Football transfers often attract a lot of attention from the fact that it is here where teams strengthen their squads while for others, it is time for cashing in. The transfers involve big-money deals and the good thing; it's not just the clubs cashing in, bettors can also take part in the deals through football transfer betting.

Football Transfer Bets and Odds

In football transfers, players predict whether a player or even manager will be moving to another club or signing a contract extension within a certain time frame.

Transfer betting, also known as Transfer Specials, come as 'To Stay At Current Club,' 'Next Club,' 'Club After Summer Transfer Window', and 'Club After January Transfer Window.' There are several betting options, so it's not about the player is leaving or not.

Transfer Betting Bookmakers

Now, where can you bet on transfers? Well, not every bookmaker will have football transfers in the list of options. If you are looking for the best football transfer bets, go for the household names in the industry, the likes of William Hill, Betfair, Betway, BetVictor, and Bet365. Make sure to find a website with the best odds.

Now, you will find out that not every player will be featured in the Transfer Window Specials. What bookmakers do is trail the players who look unsettled in their current clubs or stars who are drawing attention from the top teams.

Transfer Special Odds

Just like in the regular football markets, transfer betting works with odds. But unlike in regular betting where teams, form, and the rest of the statistics determine the odds, here it's quite different.

Aspects like remaining contract length and player, morale, and performance are key. For example, in Hazard's transfer, it was evident that the Belgian playmaker was going to move to Real Madrid after Ronaldo's departure and also considering his confessed love for Bernabeu. Also, the agents have their say.

Football Transfer Betting Tips

Transfer Specials are different from the other markets offered by sportsbooks. Here, there is no head to head comparison or team stats, or form to inform your bets. Below are some of the important things you need to be aware of.

Know the transfer dates

Before diving into transfer specials, it is important to know the dates and timelines for transfers. Leagues have different transfer dates, but what is standard is that there are two windows. Below are the transfer schedules for the popular leagues;

  • England: 17th May – 9th August and 1st January – 31st January
  • Italy: 1st July - 2nd September and 2nd January - 31st January
  • Brazil: 14th July – 13th August and 1st January – 31st March
  • China: 1st January – 28th February and 1st July - 31st July
  • Germany: 1st July – 2nd September and 1st January – 31st March
  • France: 1st June – 31st August and 1st January – 2nd February
  • Netherlands: 11th June – 2nd September and 3rd January –31 January
  • USA: 14th February – 8th May and 10th July – 9th August
  • Scotland: 9th June – 1st September and 1st January – 1st February
  • Spain: 1st June – 31st August and 1st January – 2nd February
  • Sweden: 8th January – 31st March and 15th July – 11th August

Follow the transfer news

Transfer news will tell you of the latest updates regarding a particular player's transfer. Most of the talk is ignited by the agents and spread by the rumour mills that work overtime.

While the news is more likely to inform your betting, you must choose the source wisely. Some websites that spread rumours that lack credibility, and making your bet on such baseless grounds is the last thing you want to do.

For credible news, use the renowned soccer transfer websites and also, follow the top agents and clubs. It will also be important to dig deeper and find out what the player feels. In most cases where the players want to go, the deals have high chances of happening.


While many sports betting fans are not aware of Transfer Special bets, it is gaining popularity, and with every rumour, the odds change. There are only two transfer windows, but players can bet on transfer specials throughout the year. As the rumours spread, bookmakers continue to line up special transfer offers!

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