The Best Bonuses offered by Online Bookmakers

The online bookmaker industry is a highly competitive one. That means the sites must do their best to attract new customers. This is good news for us as we look to join sites to have an entertaining time gambling. 

Sites will offer a variety of bonuses to entice new customers but it’s important that we read all the terms and conditions. This article looks at the various types of bonuses that are offered by online bookmakers. Before looking at them though, it’s important to look at the issue of terms and conditions attached to these offers.

Don’t Ignore the Terms and Conditions

Reading terms and conditions may not be the most exciting task, but it is essential that you do so. Some of the bonuses that are on offer look attractive but that’s not always the case.

Minimum odds requirements mean you can’t just use a free bet on a very short-priced selection just to get a winner. There is also the possibility of wagering requirements that need to be fulfilled. It may be that a £30 bonus must be wagered four times. That means placing bets of £120 before any cash can be withdrawn. 

Read the terms and conditions and make sure you adhere to them. Otherwise you are in danger of losing the bonus. For example, there may be an exact code that has to be used to receive the bonus. Also, there may be a restriction placed on the types of payment methods that are valid for receiving the bonus.

Get Your Free Bets Here

This is one of the most common bonuses that are offered. You’ve probably seen all the adverts offering new customers free bets when joining a site. They don’t just suddenly appear though, and you will need to carry out a required task before the free bets make their way into your new account.

The usual procedure is that a new account is opened with a minimum amount made as an initial deposit. Next a qualifying bet is required to be made and this must be of a certain amount, for example £10.

It is not just a case of placing a bet on any selection. Make sure you read the terms and conditions to discover just what you must do. Usually, there is a requirement of the selection having minimum odds of for example 1.50. When this is settled, you will receive the free bets. These must be used within a certain time period and may again have a minimum odds requirement. It’s common that the stake of the free bet is not returned if your free bets are successful.

Free bets give players a good start to life on the new site. It also means you can get used to playing on the site without having to use any of your all-important account.

Receive Some Enhanced Odds

Another bonus that is used to attract new customers is enhanced odds. These can be offered for particular sporting events that most people will want to place a bet on. For example, if there is a major Champions League game, a site will offer enhanced odds for new customers. This could see the price of Real Madrid to beat Liverpool at home, enhanced from 1.8 to 7.0.

Again, there are important terms and conditions that need to be adhered to. You are usually asked to register, make an initial deposit of a certain amount and then place a win bet on the game at the regular odds. If your bet is successful, the enhanced odds winnings will be paid out to you in the form of free bets valid for a certain time period.

Cash Back Offers

This is another popular bonus that is offered by online bookmakers. Once you join a site and make your initial deposit, again you are required to make a qualifying bet. There will be minimum odds laid down, but this bonus is a little bit different. If your qualifying bet is a losing one, then the bookmaker will return your stake either as a free bet or in cash.

This means that you can be a little bit adventurous with your first bet and that adds to the enjoyment of gambling. You can place a bet on a selection with good odds knowing that if it loses, your stake will be returned. 

It’s a no-lose situation and that is always appreciated. If that qualifying bet is a winner, then if it is at good odds, then that is good news too.

Get Your Cash Bonus

Whereas a lot of online gamblers have offered their new customers free bets, others offer actual cash. Your initial deposit will be matched up to a certain amount. This could be a 100% match, so a deposit of £40 would see you receive a bonus of £40 giving you £80 to wager with.

Fancy Some Free Spins?

Some sites will also give you some free spins to use on a selected slot game. These will have terms and conditions attached to them, such as a maximum amount you can win. This does at least give you the opportunity to play a slot game without having to use your actual cash balance.


As you have read, online bookmakers offer several different bonuses to their customers. They want to attract new customers, and this is a great way of achieving that aim. It’s good news for the customer but you need to be wary that some offers aren’t as attractive as they look, so read all the terms and conditions and ensure you receive the bonus that is on offer.

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